Data will become the money of the poor and the controlling power of the rich.

Use Gmail for free and give all your data to Google instead. Have a crashbox in your car or wear a health wristband and you’ll get your insurance cheaper. Have a smart device analyze your home energy consumption and reduce energy costs.

And why not leave your GPS, camera and microphone of your smartphone always on? Siri and Cortana can help you much more reliable and faster. And of course — for free!

Data is already big and will evermore unlock huge business opportunities. Smart algorithms and AI’s like IBM’s Watson will analyze social and individual patterns and offer tailor made products and solutions.

The rich and well educated may choose to opt out. Already there are luxury hotels offering digital free zones. To disconnect and have more time to spend with your children, dog or just to go hiking is the new status symbol of the upper class.

They can afford to pay for their newspaper, heating, navigation and insurance. And the are able and willing to make their own individual decisions.

The unskilled masses who’s jobs will be increasingly under threat by computers and robots however, will be glad to share their data to reduce their bills. And they will also be glad to consume products that are made to entertain them, because they are based on their individual customs and behaviors. They’ll get cheaper and better services, just for sharing their everyday data.

What a brave new world.

Sincerely yours,