NZZ - Please make a proper app!

It's not that the Neue Zürcher Zeitung - one of Switzerlands oldest and most intelligent liberal newspaper isn't trying. It's just that they are desperately trying the wrong things.

After several redesigns of their website, a failed attempt to create a "web-paper" and a horrible, horrible "e-paper" that’s basically a PDF of their printed newspaper edition, NZZ is again trying to innovate and launched two new products: "NZZ Selekt" and "NZZ Geschichte".

Whilst "NZZ Geschichte" may or may not have some users that prefer this sort of content from NZZ, which has an undeniable expertise in the fields of history and politics, "NZZ Selekt" is just another in our view tragically failed attempt to cover up the fact that there just isn't a proper app that offers the same content as the printed newspaper does.

So, dear digital friends at NZZ, look no further. Instead of trying out new apps, magazines and revenue models, please just offer an app for subscribers, that offers all the content, images and graphs in a acceptable quality and, if your really feel ambitious, make some or all articles listenable with and audio stream.

That's all you need to do. Look at the Economist app, if your unsure how to do it. Oh, yes, and maybe you haven't heard of Android, a mobile OS that 80% of the world population is using. Maybe you should consider developing apps for those "other" people, which are not using an iphone.

I'm sure me and others readers would be very grateful to have one app with our beloved content instead of having to try out a new NZZ App every 6 months and still not getting what we actually are looking for.

Sincerely yours,